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Comp Cams Stage II XFI NSR Camshafts

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Ok this may ha been anwered before but i havent found it

im going to be putting some 3:73's in the car and these are the cams suggested by american muscle, from what i see they look like a great choice
question i have is, does anyone else have these and what are their thoughts
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While I don't have them personally, I have seen them on others cars. Those cams and Brenspeeds Detroit Rockers are the best performing street cams I've seen. I've driven my friends GT which has Kooks LTs, Comp Stage 2 NSR cams, Steeda UDPs, 3.55 gears, and a JLT CAI, and he can outrun me by a decent margin. Drives like it's stock, lopes smoothly, and pulls like a train above 3500.
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