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Compilation of Videos

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Got bored while waitin to go to school and went over to my local and looked at some of the videos hehe
and a street racin one

pyshic cops
and how the hell do people hit these cars?? i see tons of videos its just unbelievable that people cant NOT miss the cop pull overs

and a pretty sweet mustang saleen =)
i'd be scared to shift that stuff..

local crash at bradenton speedway.. jeez

ford GT if scroll to half way thru the video =)

TT Mach1
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okay, i will reply.

cool vids.

i just hate seeing a thread go down with no replies. it's a sad saaaad thing
The ProCharged Cobra kept up with the GT?!?! Yipe!
hah yah glad u liked the vids, i always found them entertaining when i was bored durin class, thought maybe we could get one started
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