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One of the most asked questions we get here is about exhaust and mufflers. With that in mind I am making this thread so that folks can locate information about this that has already been discussed by the membership. I am putting this in both the general V6 Tech and Talk sections because some of the discussions are just talk while others are indeed tech.

Please review the threads here and post in THEM, and not in a separate thread… unless your question or comments are not covered by these threads. It will help keep things more organized as well as easier for others to find the information they are looking for. And if you come across another thread you feel should be listed here, please shoot me off a PM with a link to the thread and I will take a look and more than likely add it to the list!

Thanks, and enjoy!

X-Pipe VS H-Pipe (sound & affect)

Mid pipe sizing and what it will do.

General setup questions for V6.

True duel exhaust?

Side exhaust, and muffler VS no muffler.

Adding single Flowmaster to V6.

Exhaust idea and discussion concerning cutting cats and changing pipe setups.

Flowmaster(s) and cats, sound increase / to cut or not to cut.

Flowmaster Mufflers? More muscle sound?

What will get me a loud but good exhaust?

What is an X Pipe and an H Pipe?

Looking for the perfect sound?

Duel exhaust 2001 V6?

Duel exhaust 97 V6?

2000 V6 exhaust recommendations?

2003 V6, should I go duel exhaust?

2004 V6, which exhaust sounds better?

Conversion kits (duel exhaust) for 96 V6?

V6 duel exhaust general sound questions with clips?

V6 exhaust options, what brand sounds better and offers best performance?

There are more and I will be adding them as I gather them, but this should get folks started. And like I said, if you find other threads that you think would be great here please shoot me off a PM with a link to them and we will see about adding them!
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