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Compression Test on 2000 Mustang GT?

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Can somebody give me a step by step process of doing a compression test on my 2000 mustang GT.
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Compression test

Heres how you do a proper test, first the motor should be warm, shut off the fuel by either pulling the pump fuse/relay or inside the trunk, right near the inertia switch give the brace a whack with a rubber mallet to get the switch to trip, (red button pops up), disable the ignition by unpluging the crank sensor, its right below the A/C compressor. Next, remove ALL the plugs and somehow lock the throttle body plates wide opened then proceed to test each cylinder giving it about 3-4 bumps on each. Record each one and compare at the end, good luck.

I know I didn't have to buy anything extra, my tester is older and has just about everything you could ever need. Why won't yours fit, the threads in the head are standard, just deep in there.

Geez, I don't know what to tell you, 14mm is the standard size plug. The older Fords use an 18mm plug. I did happen to see a new guage at Sears tonight and it comes as 14mm, 18mm and a 14mm long reach adaptor, are you sure the threads in your head weren't screwed around with (no pun intended) or stripped.

I haven't paid much attention to the newer cars so if thats the case, 16mm, then that does suck. Just makes more money for the tool guys now that everyone has to buy some thing else, good luck.
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