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Hi guys, I have not seen anything like this on the forum so I figured I put this up here and see if it helps one of you as much as it helped me…. We all know butt connects and other wire connectors are used all the time and it can get annoying very quick if you don’t get the crimp right and it falls a part or when you think it’s a good connection and later down the road you lose the connection…. I believe this is better than any connector you can buy.

Things you need...
Wire striper
Electrical tape/heat shrink
Zip ties

Connecting two separate wires together…
1.Frist you want to strip back about an inch of wire you can do more or less. The more wire you strip back the easier it will be.
2.Once you have the two wires striped take one and separate the strands equally and then do the same thing with the other.
3.After that take the stands you separated and twist them together with the opposite wire.
4.Once you have both sides twisted bring them together and twist together; making one wire.
5.Next wrap the twisted part around the wire or lay it flat against the wire.
6.Then take heat shrink or electrical tape and the connection make sure no wire is showing.
7.Finally to secure it take a zip tie and tie it around the connection and cut the end.

Follow the pictures in order oh btw the wire is really old and used but the resistance is still good.:gringreen



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