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convert alpine to tiger

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I have an opportunity to buy a rust free alpine for a reasonable price. Does anyone know of a site which not only details the steps to take but also a parts/cost list to convert it to Tiger specs. Thanks
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Hello. :) I don't know of any shop that does Tiger conversions, but, the Tiger is essentially an Alpine with a 260 or 289 Ford V8 and a Ford toploader shoehorned into it. It isn't really a big deal to do as far as modifications. Ken Miles did it to the first one in like a week for under a grand. They gave him the car, the motor, and some goofy two speed automatic, and he had it up and running in a matter of days. The trick is getting the motor into the car. You have to remove the hood and all of the steering linkage stuff, pick up the front of the car, and drop the motor and transmission in already bolted together, and, they have to be pointing nearly straight down. Also, if you pull back the carpet at the driver's feet in a Tiger you'll notice a small plate bolted to the floor covering a hole. You have to cut that into the Alpine. If you don't, it isn't possible to change the number 8 spark plug. :D I have the workshop manual for the Tiger sitting on a shelf here, if there's anything in there that you would like to know. :)
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