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convertible subframe connectors on coupe

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ok so i was at my local junkyard a few days ago and there was a 99-04 mustang convertible and i knew something had to be better structurally underneathe it since it doesnt have a roof, so i got under it and was able to unbolt some subframe connectors and i got them at the house now, my question is should there be any problem of them going on my coupe, other than my coupe im sure they dont just bolt on, but if its pretty much the same as all the aftermarket ones than i saved about a 100$
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Is there really a reason to put subframe connectors on a coupe?
My 98' coupe is WAY more rigid than my 95' vert was.

My coupe doesn't even have a strut tower brace or k-member brace like my vert did. A lot of people claim the strut-tower brace doesn't do anything, but I'm sure it takes a LOT of stress off of the struts/towers in high speed turns.
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