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convertible subframe connectors on coupe

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ok so i was at my local junkyard a few days ago and there was a 99-04 mustang convertible and i knew something had to be better structurally underneathe it since it doesnt have a roof, so i got under it and was able to unbolt some subframe connectors and i got them at the house now, my question is should there be any problem of them going on my coupe, other than my coupe im sure they dont just bolt on, but if its pretty much the same as all the aftermarket ones than i saved about a 100$
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The stock ones used on convertibles, Mach 1's, Bullitts and pretty sure Cobra's as well aren't really subframe connectors so much as they are floorpan stiffeners. In order to be subframe connectors, they would have to be long enough as to actually connect the front and rear subframes. And in order do be effective, they would need to be constructed of thicker steel like aftermarket sfc's are.

The only useful added bracing that was specific to convertibles is the K-member brace. Not sure if it would be worthwhile to stick one on a hardtop car, but they do function well as a skidplate to protect your oil pan if your car's been lowered, haha - mine definitely has a couple scars.
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