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I'm looking into adding a trans cooler to my rebuilt C4. where is a good place to put it? my car came with factory air so I don't want it in front of evaporator, I'm thinking by battery side and make a funnel to aim air at it and add some holes behind cooler for air flow...anyone ever do something like this? pics would help!
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I put mine on the passenger side between the grill and the radiator support. It's a small one that I purchased at Advanced Auto Parts and it fits well. I installed a temp gauge on the outlet side (trans to cooler). I also installed a small fan controlled with a toggle switch that pulls air thru the cooler if needed, so far I've not needed it. Trans temp stays at or below 160-170F on the outlet side. I also installed an extra quart cast aluminum finned pan since the C4 doesn't hold allot of fluid and I use B&M Trick shift fluid. I run a pretty loose converter (3500). I should also mention that my battery is in the trunk but I think that there's still enough room for decent airflow even with the battery. I'll post some pictures.
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