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Starters... I apologize for length.

I will start off by qualifying.
I have a 2005 Mustang V6 Deluxe. Her name is Chloe. I like her.
I am not a mechanic or a mod guy but I am reasonably intelligent.
I don't own many tools.

I have been on this forum since I had a 97 GT that broke all the time. I used the site to see if she was drivable on many occasions until I could bring to mechanic. Her hood release on HWY once at 80 mph and almost killed me. I then donated her.

I live in NYC so even having it is an expensive guilty pleasure so I have decided to start fixing her myself. Here are the events that lead to me getting involved.

1) End of winter coolant smell from inside vents. Tachometer goes bananas, thermo works fine,NO WHITE SMOKE from exaust.
2) Research tells me its heater core. I couldn't spend 800$ so I by passed it all on my own and clamped it super tight. Woot!. Flushed it myself and refilled.
3) Brought her to operating temp, Tach starts working, AC works... good to go.
4) Drive her for a few days with no problem and then I see the temp gauge pass mid point. I pull over immediately and find very little coolant in rez.I Fill it with coolant and drive home, tach starts working, temp nominal, white steam from driver side hood by the time I am home, temp still good.
5) Under hood on top of engine on driver side is a gadget on top of engine. It has a few hoses. There is a puddle below and behind it and brown residue all over the place.
6) I flush it again and she seems fine. I drive to Maryland and 1/2 there gauge passes half way, tach dies again and IMMEDIATLY stop service station. NO WHITE FROM PIPE, steam from that muthah diddlying thing on driver side.
7) Take hose,,, l=blast water into reservoir whole car on. Gets to nominal temp, tach starts working and she makes it rest of trip fine.
8) Filled her again while running for trip home and her temp gauge starts climbing after 2 hours. I pull over do the same thing with hose and good to go. Temp guage never red lined.

At first I thought it was thermostat housing but the leak seems be the gadget I described before. Was my heat core even shot? Did by-pass cause too much pressure? On this forum, i get info that says it may be "intake manifold" and how to fix.

I do not have a big tool set but dont mind purchasing tools and parts. I mind 60$/ hour labor.

Can someone tell me what I need to be SURE uts that manifold thingy, where I can find an instruction set and what tools, sealants etc are needed?

I have a degree in Industrial design and an AC plane hobbyist so I think I can pull it off if I have step by step.

Best part is NO WHITE SMOKE and I need to keep it that way.

Can anyone help?

Thanks so much!


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yup. before i even read the thread i thought t stat housing. those darn things are always cracking on the 4.0L
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