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Cooling fan stays on even with key out?!?!

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Hey! I have a 98 mustang I just purchased and noticing some problems.. my battery kept dying and i noticed the last time I jumped it that my alternator was sparking and my cooling fan stays on 24/7. even with key out of ignition. I just changed alternators today which solved the sparking but the fan is still staying on which is causing my battery to die. What could be the problem? should I just wire a toggle switch to my fan
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There is a constant control relay module (ccrm) in the right fenderwall. Read the ohms at 50 to 65 F, the resistance should be 58,750 to 40,500 ohms. At 180 to 200 F, the resistance should be 3,600 to 1,840 ohms.

This is according to the Haynes manual for your year.

You might have to replace it.

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