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correct carburetor for 1976 Mustang cobra II 302 v8

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i have this 1976 mustang cobra II 302 v8, the current carburetor I have in it is said to be the wrong one and it seems to flood the engine.
I want to put another carburetor, I need advise as to which one to use which would solve my problem. i was looking at the holley but need advise for the right carb.
thank you
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What kind of carb are you currently using? What kind of intake manifold do you have? More than likely the best application for your mustang would be a Holly 4 barrell 570 CFM Part #: 0-80570 I sincerely doubt that you would need a 670 CFM carb which might be what you have and whats flooding your engine. The 570 will be perfect for you unless you have done massive work to the engine block and internals, in which case you'd be running an 8sec quarter mile. If you've got a street legal daily driver then the 570 is the way to go.
If i'm not mistaken the stock carb was a 5200 series from motocraft. That might only be for the 2.3 through.
The Motorcraft 5200 came with the 4cyl's. The V8 came with an Autolite 2100 2V carb.
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