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correct carburetor for 1976 Mustang cobra II 302 v8

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i have this 1976 mustang cobra II 302 v8, the current carburetor I have in it is said to be the wrong one and it seems to flood the engine.
I want to put another carburetor, I need advise as to which one to use which would solve my problem. i was looking at the holley but need advise for the right carb.
thank you
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If it's flooding the engine, it doesnt mean that it's too large, it means that it's screwed up. If the carburetor is too large, the result is a lean condition on the bottom end, due to lack of air velocity, therefore an inability to pull fuel from the jets, followed by a rich condition at higher rpm, since the jets in a larger carb are probably too big for the engine.
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