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Correct Oil for a 428CJ

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Hi everyone. Spring is almost here so I am getting the cars ready for the summer season. Last year I bought a 1969 Mach 1 428CJ. I would like to change the oil but am not exactly sure which of the many modern oils to use. I know additives are much different now (mainly no zinc) so I want to get the best oil that I can.

I remember reading a similar question on a Model A forum a few years ago that turned into a posting war with everyone recommending the "only" oil to use, but they all had didfferent ideas. I hope this is an easier question!

Thanks in advance for your help and Happy Easter to all!

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I ran 40 weight Valvoline with the zink in it. Did not have to buy any additives. I believe it was Valvoline VST.
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