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Correct Oil for a 428CJ

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Hi everyone. Spring is almost here so I am getting the cars ready for the summer season. Last year I bought a 1969 Mach 1 428CJ. I would like to change the oil but am not exactly sure which of the many modern oils to use. I know additives are much different now (mainly no zinc) so I want to get the best oil that I can.

I remember reading a similar question on a Model A forum a few years ago that turned into a posting war with everyone recommending the "only" oil to use, but they all had didfferent ideas. I hope this is an easier question!

Thanks in advance for your help and Happy Easter to all!

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Your going to get MANY varied opinions

Me personally, I would use 10W30 Valvoline VR1. Make sure its VR1. You can get it at Napa. It already has the proper levels of zinc additives not found in your common off the shelf oils.
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