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I think that you can actually put any tire size that will fit on your rims (not the 18" or bigger rims, mind you) as long as you get the OBDII EEC V computer set properly for the ABS, anti-spin and mileage counter to work properly. This can be done with the under $400 SCT Xcalibrator or their more expensive Racing Pro package (better to check that first).

I'm actually planning on lowering mine with Steeda Sport Springs (slightly less lowering than the Eibachs + the rear springs are progressive and don't jar your can as hard) and then raise it up again a little by changing to higher sidewall tires to finally have a ride comfort like in the V6.

The SCT pro racer will dial in the new height and tire size to get the computer to do its magic.

Obviously, like other lowered 05-06 Stangs, it will still need a full chassis geometry realignment, shims, arms and all that fun hassle. But if it does deliver a better ride and cornering to boot, I'll let ya know. :grinroll:

Any suggestions of performance 17 inchers with higher sidewalls and still a good grip???
It's got the Ford 05 upgrade 17" wheels:

Thanks in advance for your comfort/performance tire advice. :cool:
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