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Crank case vaccum

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Hi all
With the PCV disconnected shoud the crank case have any vaccum pressent? I think I may have a vaccum leak in my manifold so I took the PCV valve out and breather off, blocked both with my hands and felt a resonable vaccum. Should there be vacuum pressent?
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The crankcase should be showing a slight pressure, not a vacuum. The pressure originates from compression or combustion pressures that works it way past the rings. "Blow By"
Hi 4Lowie,

I have nothing to add realy, the greek said it all.

I just thought i would say hi from Auckland.

Hi Steve, no dought our paths will cross once I get this thing on the road..... No anyone with a 3.5 8" diff head?

See you out there...
It's a small world. Reminds me of the time that I was in Hamburg, Germany and I come face to face with one of my neighbors from here in the States. Unreal how that works.

The vacuum in the crankcase could well be an intake manifold gasket leaking on the bottom side.
Hi 4Lowie,

"Diffs are us" here in auckland had a good supplier for all the 8 and 9 inch sets that seemed to be reasonable, he fits them as well if thats what you need. I think he got them from a Tauranga Supplier, sorry i can't remember the brand. He did say that the brand had two types of quality, the lessor quality is very prone to breaking so be careful with this.

My friend just donated my car a set of 3.5s and what a difference :happyhapp, i already had an LSD instaled (by DRU) with my 2.7 set but the 3.5 give a decent kick in the pants .... :bigthumbsup The best mod i have done by far (other than the hi po 302).

Your right Chuck, it is a small world, there are 4 million people in this country, if you meet a Kiwi over seas they will usually know someone you know ...

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