The industry's latest rumor comes from the friend of a friend of a guy who knows a guy who works at Ford who knows another guy that knows things.

S550 GT500 rumors are nothing new, Horsepower Kings speculated heavily back in February of 2015-- the latest however claims if and when a new Shelby GT500 shows up, it will turn Hellcats into cute kittens and Camaros into, well Camaros.

I can hear you whispering, but how? Easy, twin-turbos bro.

That's right sports fans, the latest pegs Ford dropping a twin-turbo V8 into the nose of the GT500 and calling it day.

If you remember a few years ago Ford actually brought a prototype EcoBoosted V8 Cobra Jet to SEMA . Although the 2016 Cobra Jet stuck with it's Whipple crown, you have to imagine the brand value Ford would derive from an EcoBoost GT500. Turbocharging is de rigueur in Dearborn these days, with high profile projects like the Focus RS, F-150 Raptor and Ford GT all wearing EcoBoost badges.

According to Torque News , if and when the new GT500 shows up it will sport something in the range of 720-800 horsepower, which should cover off threats from both the Challenger Hellcat and the Camaro ZL1. A GT500 with that much punch will probably eat the Corvette Z06's lunch as well.

In other news, the hybrid diesel all electric Mustang by Chevrolet will hit the market early next year. My dad said so, promise...