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crankshaft interchange on 3.8 V6

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I have a 2004 mustang 3.8 engine with a broken crankshaft. I also have a 1993 Lincoln 3.8 V6 engine that is junk except for the bottom end. Will the 1993 3.8 Crankshaft work in the 2004 3.8 engine?
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The crank should be the same. The stroke on that engine is identical to the 3.8L in the 2004 mustang. What changed was mainly the split-port heads.

Don't blame me if something goes wrong though. It theoretically *should* work but any number of things from manufacturing process to a slight change to accommodate the split-port heads could make it useless... The best I can really say is that it will most likely fit. Whether it will run, or run well, is another story.

My advice: Don't do it unless the Mustang block is going to be junked without this cost-saving measure. If it is then you've got nothing to lose.
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