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Curious on cam if it is Ca. smog legal.....

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Does anyone know or can share some insight on the Crane Cam part #36421. If this cam is california smog legal. I was wanting to buy it for my mustang, but don't want to install it and it not pass smog because of it. Any info would be AWESOME!:nogrinner

Thank you,
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That cam originally went by Crane Compucam 2020 or part # 444211 which turned to Crane part # 364211.

It is smog legal in Calif and carries a CARB EO Number D-225-46.
Crane Hydraulic Roller Camshafts 444211 -

I bought a Crane Compucam in 2001 and printed this out at the time.
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I called summit today and they said that the cam "WASN'T" Ca smog legal. Why did the part numbers change?
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