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Hello everyone. This is my 2007 4.0 V6 Mustang 8 months into its build and I felt like sharing my progress. I hope to have the car running in about a month at 500 RWHP.

As of now the only parts missing are an 8-rib pulley set, mounting brackets, welded fittings on tanks and inter-cooler for blow off valve, braided hose lines for oil separators, some silicone hoses, GT500 intake manifold, aluminum piping and flanges, and misc. hardware. The rest just needs to be installed and tuned.

The engine will be an exact replacement 8.8 CR 4.0 V6 two valve made by Super Six blown by a Vortech V-3 supercharger to ~15 psi. Any other details on the build I can provide at request. Just let me know what you think! :grin:


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I believe 78k miles. However the entire drive-train is brand new except the drive plate and its bolts, the aluminum driveshaft which has a few thousand miles and its bolts, and the transmission housing.
Just let me know what you think! :grin:
I'm assuming the internals have been beefed up?
Very cool.
I would love to see some vids of you getting on it when it's done.
I'm assuming the internals have been beefed up?
The internals have been built up with the most pain being in the transmission and rear axle. The shop had my transmission for about 6 months due to back ordered parts and 3 or 4 torque converters not actually fitting my car. The rear axle I did with my dad and we had to torque down the pinion nut 4 times before we got it right and had to go out to the store to buy more crush sleeves!

But as of now the weakest link is the crankshaft which is only good for 600-650 hp, and a custom one would cost $6000! wtf.gif
Did you get a stroker or did performance heads and cams? I saw that at supersix website. For me that will be a later project right now i am ready to add a turbo kit and rear 8.8.

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