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Custom mid pipe idea?

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Hey I've had a idea running through my head ever since mac came out with the pro-chamber. Im wanting to fabricate a dual in dual out single chamber muffler where mac just put the box in their mid pipe. Any ideas on how this might sound? Im wanting the aggressive sound from the pro-chamber but don't want the flow reduction of the pro-chamber after i go long-tubes supercharged . I was thinking of a flowmaster single chamber, magnaflow single chamber, or a cherry bomb single chamber. drone isn't really something I worry about so any ideas to toss around?
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I've got a Thrush turbo dual in dual out muffler sitting in my garage I was going to do the same thing with.

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Is there enough room under the car in that area for a muffler?
Shelby did it for the Terlingua Mustangs. They used a magnaflow and side exit exhaust though. That setup costs $700 new though. There's room, just need a shallow muffler.

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In theory with a shallow muffler it'll work, but jstafford1 im sure if they did the ehxaust coming out the sides it would be easy to run them down to the bumper. I mean mac did it with that sound balancing box on their pro-chamber. We need to findout how shallow the muffler needs to be. I'll look at the Mac p/c dimensions and get an idea.
I think if it's 4 in thick or less you'll be fine. I've got glasspacks under mine at the moment and they're about 4 in diameter.

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honestly, getting a GT takeoffs will be an easy solution
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