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After a long and tedious deliberation, I think I've finally decided on a custom paint scheme for my '05 GT. The overall color is sonic blue. I plan on taking my inspiration from a '69 Mach 1 I've seen in books. That is;
1. Adding a CDC classic chin spoiler painted gloss black and clearcoated.
2. Painting the rocker pannels and spoiler gloss black and Clearcoating.
3. Adding a CDC rear window louver kit.
4. Adding a silver Mustang GT stripe just below the lower door body crease.
5. Painting the center of the hood gloss black with a thin pinstripe around the panel and adding a hood scoop.
And therin lies the dilema. I am considering the xenon hood scoop, painted gloss black. However, the Rousch hood scoop looks nice too. I really don't care for the CDC scoop. I'm leaning toward the Xenon scoop because it closely mimicks the Mach 1. Does anyone have any experience with the Xenon products? Rousch is a huge name in the aftermarket arena and I'm sure it's a high quality product, but I really like the look of the Xenon scoop.
Please keep in mind I'm merely taking inspiration from the '69, and not trying to replicate it, hence the gloss black.

Sorry for the duplicate post. Computer had a brain cramp!
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