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so i pushed my engine pretty hard the other day. soon as i stopped at a red light the engine idle was ROUGH. I got an engine code the day after reading P0304. Cylinder 4 misfire. I checked the wires and sparkplugs, everything gave good resistance readings. could it be my coil packs? Although I'm led to believe that because each coil pack holds 4 cylinders, I would have more than 1 cylinder misfire if it WAS my coil pack.
I'm hoping its not my compression. I might have blown a gasket or ring. I dont think thats the case since even my startups are shaky with that 1 or 2 second delay before it starts up.
I swapped sparkplug 4 with sparkplug 3 and the engine code went away, but symptoms are still mildly there. Im gonna wait to see what engine code i get next.
Until then, anyone know what it might be?
any help would be great thanks.

(running everything stock except for an SR CAI, throttle body, and iridium spark plugs)
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