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D30F-12127BA Distributor Question

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This distributor is on my 200 cid six and from what I can see it's for a V-8. How can I find out if this distributor is for a straight six?
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Hello. :) The shaft on a 289/302 distributor, from the end the rotor goes on all the way down to the end past the cam gear is about 10 inches long. An FE big block distributor is about the same length, while a 170/200 distributor is much shorter. I believe that what you have is for a 351 2bbl, but, I'm not sure about that. :)
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Hi again. :) Oops. My bad. That's for a 250 six cylinder with a manual transmission. That should work in a 200. :)
Hi Veronica, you say that the D30F-12127BA was from a 250 CID. Where did you find that information? I have looked all over. Also, I get crappy gas mileage so I am thinking its this distributor causing the issue because I have had two carbs on it and get the same bad mileage. ...
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