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damage to engine?

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hey, got a couple questions....
first, im in stationed in germany and have a 05 gt convert. I constantely drive at 120 mph plus for a long time, will this damage the engine over time? i suspect it will but its so much fun!:)
second, when i get back from iraq i plan to put a saleen supercharger on my gt. where can i buy one and also where can i get the saleen speedodometer, as i will def go faster than 150 and can it be installed in my car?
P.S. i have done extensive reseach and it is true that the gt does 150 mph!!! I race a newer porsche boxter on the autobahn and he thought he had me at about 130 but i just stepped on it and whissed past him and boy did he give me a dirty look as i passed him! he tried to pass again but could not keep up at 150mph. i wasnt leaving him in the dust but i was slowly pulling away.
k&n cold air intake
supercharger to come
one speeding ticket in germany- 135 kph in a 80 kph OOPS!!!
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I have my GT (that I bought in US) in Europe too. I also drive for many hours at a time at around 1OO MPH. I doubt it will be a problem on the engine, as its only turning over at about 3200 RPM. However I would warn everyone, that although the car goes much faster, it's not a european car. At 120 mph, the car is not glued to the road....and if you lose control, i'l bet you won't recover...where as even in a golf, you might.

In the rain, driving over 60MPH can be a challenge...I've totally had the car sideways in just a slight drizzle. I've been thinking about changing the tires, but I'm not sure there's anything better out there, that's equally good o a Sunny day..????
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