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damsel in distress- can't find needed parts

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I am looking for the painted bar that goes horizontally across the middle of the headlight coverfor my 05 Mustang. I have seen it on a lot of show cars but I don't know where to get it or what it's called. I have not seen it come with any body kits so I assume it is a separate piece. Any ideas?

Also, I am looking for a CDC Glassback roof if anyone has one. I know it is not in production yet but it seems everyone has one.

Please help this Filly! :wavey
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You can find the headlight covers you are looking for through Vantage Sportscars. Contact Don Miller at (407) 497-2122 or email him at [email protected] (he prefers calling him and leaving a message if not available). They are stupid expensive for what they are in my opinion. You can go to their web site ( ) and see them on cars there, but I did not see them forsale on the site.

Can't help you on the glass back
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