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Dark spot on Tail-light

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I recently moved from my 03 GT to an 05 GT--so far I love it although I feel there is a slight throttle lag when I floor it from a higher gear (Nothing a tune, intake, and exhaust wouldn't fix I imagine).
Anyway, I'm OCD about my car and I've noticed the center beam on the right hand tail-light seems darker in one place. Would that be a bulb issue or would I have to replace the whole tail light housing if I wanted to fix that?


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It honestly looks like the reflective piece on the top has got a little too hot and started to melt a little.. Of course pictures can be pretty deceiving sometimes!

I would probably take the bulb from one of the other two that you know are good and see if it has the same result. I personally haven't seen a normal halogen bulb used in our tail lights get that hot, so hopefully it's just the bulb that has a little black spot on it or something!
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I would love it to be just a bulb issue--I'm trying to save every penny to mod out this *****!
I'm going to do exactly as you suggest tomorrow when it's light out and I can see how to take off the trunk lining to get at the bulb. I'll post an update
When I pullled my tail lights out to install my Raxiom Sequentials harness, it took just a few minutes for each side to remove the whole assembly.

The middle plastic trim is held in by a few of the little push in retainers and I think maybe two of the larger ones. Then pull the carpet out of the way and I think there are just three nuts that hold each light assembly in.

Sorry if I'm a little off, it's been a little bit since I had mine out, but good luck and I hope it's just a bulb issue!
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It was super easy taking out the plastic trim (Although yes I broke one of the push pins). The real challenge was trying to get the tail-light housing out! I didn't have the correct sized socket for my ratchet and my wrench just couldn't fit in between the shaker 1000 system and the final nut way in the corner rant3.gif
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Yeah it's definitely a pain if you have the Shaker 1000 subs in the trunk from what I've heard! I personally only had the Shaker 500 in my car from the factory, so I'm not positive on the exact process, but most threads I have seen people have had to remove the subs from the trunk to get the tail lights out. I'm not sure if it's a necessity or if it just makes it easier, but it's a bad coincidence that the tail light you need out is on the same side as the subs!
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