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Dash Camera

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Does anyone have any experience with Dash Cams? If so what brands do you recommend?

I'm looking for something I can connect multiple cameras too. Front, Rear and possibly a side/gauge view. I know it sounds excessive but I have plans for it. Make videos of races and other driving experiences for youtube.

I'd like something that is some what difficult to remove. So that when ever I drop it off at a shop for work they can't take it for a joy ride with out me knowing.

Great night vision/picture quality is a must. If anyone has any advice suggestions on how to go about this that would great thanks!
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I worked at a limousine company which i installed Drive Cams into all their cars. The quality during the night and day is perfect. It is forward and reverse facing but it was used for accidents or excessive braking and excessive acceleration. But id see if that company has any cameras that fit what you need.
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