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Dash electrical

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I have posted a similar post earlier, but I have more info now.
During the summer I had a major electrical burn out owing to poor electrical work carried out when my car was imported to the UK.
I blew out a 30 AMP fuse and had to have the rear wiring loom rebuilt.
All working fine now, however the dash dials reset themselves every time I turn the ignition on, just as if I had totally powered the car down.
I have noticed the odometer is keeping the mileage OK, but the trip recorder zero's up when the ignition is turned off.
Ideas anyone? :?:
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OK, I give up. What model year Mustang are we dealing with?

In general when the dash gauges "sweep" on initial key on, it means that power was removed from the dash. The dash has several power sources and grounds. I would start by checking the cluster power to the power pins and grounds to the ground pins. Remember there are more than one. As for power, start first by looking at the always on keep alive power pin.

Having a set of wiring diagrams would help avoid guessing. If interested in getting a set for yourself I maybe able to help. PM if interested (will need to know the MY).
Check fuse F2.21 (5a)

Check cluster pin #10 (RD/WH). Should have +12 volts at all times. This is the "keep alive" power feed.

Check cluster ground wires that are Black or black with a white stripe.

Check out a similar thread about PC foil trace repair.
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