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dash ??

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can someone help i need to know something ..

on you dash, in the center above the cluster . .. Is bolt down? or can you lift on it ..
my looks to be comeing up i can pickup on it and move it and it..
makeing a rubbing noise when i drive..:sterb: I just start to get a noise like to metal hitting together.. (hard to dis... ) like a lose cat sheild but form under the dash... any one else have this and how did they fix

the tech at the deal don;t look :?: :handball: if you know what i mean..

but i love my 06 gt .. and i what it fix wright the first thank for any help.. guys
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take a picture so we get a better idea what you mean
I Will Try To Take A Pic Later

I Found The Rattle Noise That Sound Like Metal Hit ..

It Was The E Brake Spring In Side Where You Push The Button They
Have To Order A New E Back.. For It..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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