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Daytime Running Lights

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I would like to add Daytime Running Lights to my 05 and 06 Mustang GTs.
If DRLs are required in Canada, there must be a way to do it.
If a module or relay can't be added, does anyone know a way to get the job done by just adding a jumper or a wire so that the headlights, or fog lights come on automatically when the vehicle is running.

06 Black GT Automatic, Active Anti-Theft, w/ Whipple Twin Screw and Ford Racing (Borla) Axle Back Exhaust.
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I believe it will take more then a jumper wire. I purhased a heavy duty DRL kit from Automotive Electronics Accessories (Berkley, CA). The kit runs your low beam headlights at reduced power and comes with complete instructions. Headlights are on the second you turn your ignition on. I had a lcoal automotive electrical shop install. They work like a champ and are very reliable. Here's the link incase anyone is interested.
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