Hey, look, we know that this isn't going to be an easy thing to look at for some of you, but, well, here it is. It's a 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 that was in pretty great shape and has now been cut up into about as many pieces as it had horsepower. And no, the car wasn't chopped to get someone out, it was all a training exercise for the Dearborn FD.

We'll start off by telling you that this was a development car from ford. These 760 horses were never going to be able to be registered to drive on the road, and so this car was probably going to end up heading to the crusher completely intact. So, we suppose it's a better fate than that?

Firefighters train to cut up cars and get you out safely and they need cars to do it. When you happen to be located in the same city as Ford, it seems reasonable that FoMoCo would give you a car here and there for that training. Good community relations, and all that.

Don't worry, DFD aren't a bunch of raging Camaro fans, they said on their Facebook post that "it almost broke our hearts." Ours too.

So pour out some 93-octane (don't really do that, gas is bad for the environment) and toast this GT500 that gave its life so that maybe someone else could live.