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December sales!! Hopes are high!

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Looking to get some LCA's and a few other things, gears, hood struts, UDPs, this christmas season! Hoping to see some awesome sales for December! Maybe the AM and Brenspeed guys could drop in and throw in some sneak peaks or maybe let me know if I will be happy. Haha:gringreen
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Call Brenspeed they have a good working relation with BMR and you may get a nice quote.

Sharad is a member and has deals as a sponsor and rep with UPR.

I just picked up the BMR Upper Control Arm and Mounting Bracket for a great price.

T Wayne
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Ive got my eye on the J&M poly-ball LCAs at the moment but I'm definitely waiting for a nice deal to pop up. And who do I PM about the forum discount thing? Also, whats on everyone else's Christmas list this year??:laughlitt
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