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Decisions, decisions

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Hey guys. I made a decision, I'm buying a Stang....Cause hey, would you settle for a minimum wage job? Then why settle for a minimum performance car. My first dilemma, however, is wether I should buy an '87 5.0 GT or an '89 5.0 GT...Anything more than that, and this college boy won't be able to afford insurance in Canada. This is my first car, and i'll be learning all my tunin' tricks on here (Don't worry about the car, I have good teachers :). I just wanted to get as many different opinions as I could before I made the final decision. Sides, a rockstar needs a flashy car, or else he's just a wannabe. ::naughty
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Welcome to AFM and not that this helps you at all, but either choice is a good one. Good luck with your search. Rock on Rockstar :thumbsup
close your eyes, spin around 3 times and point at one..............should be the best way... either car is good if in same condition and milage
I'm with GhostlyStang, close your eyes, spin around 3 times and point at one...:thumbsup

Also Welcome to AFM... Good Luck with your pick - let us nwo what you got..
Ok, I made up my mind... I kinda veered away from my original path and got a kick ass '98 Z24 cavalier with a spoiler that adds at LEAST 30 hp! And you should see the decals on there! About 70 HP worth!....
I lied! :nogrinner The '87 it is...Turns out the spinning thing works out pretty good. I'm just gunna hafta save up a lil more for a decent paint job though...And my slap shifter. Giggidy giggidy!
daaaaagggg yo that cav would be the hotness...hehe congrats and hope you have fun with your mustang
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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