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Deep Dish Black Bullitts

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I really liked these when I saw them and got a set!

18"x9" Front....245/45/18 Falken
18"x10" Back...275/40/18 Falken

Cheers Paul


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Ok. How much were they, and how much did you have to put into tires to fit 'em?
I'm on a budget here.:winks
Without a doubt!

I saw these at a local mustang store and drooled. Best looking MUSCLE rim I;ve seen. $189.00 each. Add rubber and you should come in under 2k. nice pics, thanx:worship


Sweet rims, looks good with your strips!:tongue
Ooooh yeah! its a mean green machine now!:green
Is the dish on the deep dish bullit rims chrome, or polished, or aluminum?
More info on rims

The rims are as per the pic discussed about above. They are polished aluminum with Black coating leaving a nice aluminum trim ring. There is a nice clear coat on the whole rim as well.

I got the rims for under $700 on sale. My biggest expense was tires.

I live in Ontario and tires are pretty expensive up here. What would cost about $200 in the lower 48 would run about $300 here.

I have attached a couple of extra pics to see a few other angles.
Cheers, Paul


Nice rims, looks great on your car.

What's all that white crap on the ground???????:?:
Any spacers...

Did you have to add any spacers to off set the deep dish rims???
Yeah, those are the rims I've been planning on too. I think with my black stripes it will look nice. The only thing I don't like about them is the cobra center cap. My car isn't a cobra so I'd rather not have that. I think you can get an optional Mustang emblem cap though.

The rims came with spacers about 1/4" thick for the front.
It was a complete set of rims, centre caps and the front spacers.

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