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Denied a GT500, Ford Australia Makes its Own Supercharged Mustang

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Oh to be an Australian. Attracted by history and by nature to the muscle of American cars, but denied by distance their presence. Aussies aren’t about to take it lying down, though.

Thanks to a lack of right-hand-drive examples, Ford has made it clear that the GT500 will not be exported to the antipodes. But there are Mustangs, performance parts, and hot rodders galore. And they’ve combined to make the Mustang R-Spec.

By teaming up with Rob Herrod, long time Mustang tuner, Ford Australia is sticking a 2.65-liter Roush supercharger on top of the local Mustang’s 5.0-liter engine.

Although Ford Australia still hasn’t announced outputs, Ford Performance says it’s good for 700 hp. Local certification boards being what they are, though, Ford is waiting until the feds have had their say before announcing specs.

“We want genuine power outputs,” Ford Australia Product Communications Manager Damion Smy told Australia's Whichcar . “We’re not here for the biggest number for a quick headline, whether it’s in a Focus, a Fiesta ST or whatever, we want real-world performance figures.”

There’s every reason to presume, though, that power figures will be on the high side of ridiculous. Along with the blower, the R-Spec gets Borla exhaust, adjustable anti-roll bars, and new progressive-rate springs to deal with all the extra juice.

Ford Performance’s 19-inch rims will shod in Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires will keep you glued to the road. And because it’s all being done by Ford, it even comes with a warranty. 

Perhaps best of all, though, because Ford Australia didn’t have a big enough team to deal with reprogramming the 10-speed to deal with 700-odd horsepower, all 500 R-Specs will send their power through a manual transmission.

“It’s been a passion project within Ford,” says Smy, “We’ve stopped at nothing to get a supercharged Mustang for our customers.”


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