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DG Custom Auto

DG Custom Auto is proud to announce a few exterior products for the 2005+ Mustang. This is a very small co. out of CA that make parts for just about any make model vehicle, including chrome accessories, billet accessories, grilles, tailight covers. etc.


Looking for that perfect louever for that small quarter window? Look no farther, this retro-style louever gives the 2005+ the look it deserves! All quarter window louvers are ABS plastic molded. These louevers are held on with Heavy Duty Automotive 3M adhesive tape, Insurance quality color-match workmanship & 7-10 working day turnaround time for delivery. ALL LOUEVERS COME PAINTED!!! YES, PAINTED, to match your body color. The overall best part about the louever is the customers demand to not only retro style the car with great looking louevers, but to have louevers you can virtually see out of with NO OBSTRUCTION!! These are molded and opened to fully see out your quarter window!

Price: $160 ALL COLORS + $20 Shipping with insurance! (To Make Sure your Louevers come painted with no defects!)


Not a fan of the Midwest Auto Gear small inserts? Your in Luck! DG Custom Auto now offers a FULL Side Mirror cover. Made of ABS Plastic molded. Held on with 3M Adhesive take and once again all Covers COME PAINTED!!!! Why pay so much to have the mirror painted and have paint companies not being able to paint them. Why not cover them for less?

Price: $140 ALL COLORS + $20 Shipping with insurance!

Want them both??, Ask for the EXTERIOR PACKAGE DEAL! Get both the louevers and mirror covers painted to you color and shipped to your door for $300!

These items can only be ordered by phone, they are not yet advertised on their webpage.

Be sure to contact Craig DeGraff and tell him that "Paul from NJ" sent you.

DG Custom Auto
P.O. Box 2607
La Mesa, CA 91943
Craig Direct Line: 619-954-8933
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