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Does anyone know anything about this kit?
Where can I buy it....
What does it do....
Is it dangerous for engine....
Is it easy to install?
I live in Italy, and I have a V6 2007, which oil do I have to use....
Order it from the net if your talking about the programer. Check local shops, you live in italy you have exotics all over they have to have something around that can help you.

It changes your computer to free up more power by changing things like what gas you choose to put in, for auto's it can change your shift points, it can read a lot of data from you car and help you keep track of it. It does a lot.

Its not really dangerous but if you take off your rev limiter and speed limiter it can assist in being harm full.

I belive you just plug it in to your car and away you go.

Your oil should be 5W30, the brand doesn't matter. You can use normal and you can use full synthetic its all up to you.

Hope that helps
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