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Diablosport Predator Steeda Update

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Hey all diablosport predator steeda owners,
I talked w/ a diablosport tech today and there's updates for the programmer. I bought mine in April. Steeda now has a 90mm CAI unit, mine is the 85mm CAI. I don't have a PC though. I've got 2 imac's and 2 ibookg4's. S#$% out of luck for doing the update this way. Has anyone bought the power adapter and serial cable to do the updates? Also, how hard is it to do this? I forgot to ask if I could send the unit back and have them do it, but you must return the vehicle back to the factory calibration.
They did say this new update resolves the throttle lag and knocks of some time if you go to the track. Thanks, Sonny1213
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I've had Steeda tell me to call Diablo and Diablo tell me to call Steeda. WTF is right!
Just went to a friend w/ a PC and revised my predator tuner. I had a tech guy on the phone and was very helpful w/ the update process. The car sounds better and the throttle lag is gone. If you have a diablosport hand held tuner … go to their website and check for updates and revisions.
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