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i'm sitting with my camaro buddy vinny discussing the retro muscle wave....he says our new mustang is nothing new and that it sort of existed 14 years ago...that ford simply went back to a design it already had....i thought about it..i'm a car buff...but i couldnt think of any mustang that resembled our beloved s197 since the vinny goes to his desk and brings back this...1991 aston martin....since its a sister of jaguar which is a sister of ford this design was in fact on fords desk...i gotta admit its a bit close...wayyy close...note the grille...note the side mirror...note the side skirt...note the ducktail spoiler...note the body lines and tell me what you think


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the problem nghtrnnr is that this idea of Ford copying the s197 came from a "Camaro Guy" ie: that tells me automatically that it is BS. not to stomp on your friend (since i dont even know him) but chevy guys (especially camaro guys) :rolleyes: are almost always trying to find some way to bash the stang to make them feel better about thier choice to own sh1tty chevys. (like its our fault or something) :rolleyes: its worse now than it ever was since the 'maro got killed by gm. its a jealousy thing. :tongue
BTW, the ONLY resemblence I see with the 90's Aston Martin and the s197 is the fogs. and when it came to redesigning the stang for '05, i just dont see ford saying: "those old-a$$ 90's Astons are lookin' b1tch'n, lets hit the Zerox button." any resemblence that anyone sees is purely coincidental....

besides the camaro copying fords idea of retro.... you could also point out GMs blatent Zeroxing of Chrysler's PT crusier with GMs new (supposedly "true to thier heritage") HHR. not only does it resemble absolutely noting from GMs past, it is most decidely chrysler's past sitting on a gm platform. either way it looks like a$$crack.:sterb:

and have you seen the new Tahoe? zerox'd from Range Rover.:winks just a little more ugly. IMHO, i think GM is running out of design ideas.
pcfrisch said:
since the 60's mustang is before the 90's Aston, I don't get how the current one copied the 90 Aston when it supposed to copy the 60's mustang :shrug
quite simple, let me enlighten you to a chevy guys answer to that: Ford copied the 90's aston martin back in the 60's for the ORIGINAL mustang. :winks

seriously, some of the crap that rolls out of thier mouths makes about that much sense.
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