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Did this performance shop just mess me over?

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Ok guys here is what I just got and was installed by the local shop because I don't have the time what so ever to do it myself. Please try to be nice I feel deep down that I got screwed still though: It is a 1988 mustang gt speed density well now MAF...

New rear end unit complete with 3.73's because old was shot
Maximum Motorsports Subframe connectors welded very well
BBK shorty headers install
MAF conversion
70 MM throttle body with spacer
Edelbrock RPM II upper and lowers
Air charge sensor install
adjustable fuel pressure bumped up 2#'s
New end links on front sway bar
This was all tuned as well.

The grand total was 4000.00 with parts and labor (old bolts, fluids, rusted know the weird stuff... )! Did I take it with some lube on this one?:headscratch: Not sure please somebody tell me I did ok with this first visit to a performance shop? The next thing I plan on doing is a 100-150 shot of NOS on the car and that should finish it up besides tint and electric fan. Obviously will get those done myself at some point. Anybody have any input? Again please be nice and constructive if possible
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How many total hours of labor?
It sounds like with parts mark up and reasonable labor you came out about ok for having to pay for all that to be done. I dont know how much the rear end cost 4lug5lug? disc/drum? you probably came out ok I am sure others may disagree but as long as you are happy with the end result that should be what matters most
thats not a bad price. thats a lot of work and parts too. :bigthumbsup

I have not got the car back so that price is the estimate as they are almost done with all things. The last stuff is putting the top end back together for the most part and tuning it. The rear end was just the posi unit or differential unit everything besides axels and brakes. The meat or the middle well you know what i mean....But anyways thanks for the feedback so far I am debating whether to just throw the 100 shot on there while it is in the shop. Anybody have any ideas on how much this should cost me with the kit at a reasonable price? Or should I say how much time and what will it cost for a decent kit wet or dry? The labor rate is 80.00 an hour by the way. I would think it wouldn't take more than 2 hours to install a NOS myself they do it all of the time so yall think it should be a 1-2 hour job?
x2 on about right. i would guess they charged between 15-20 hrs for labor. So you are probably pushing $1000 dollars in just labor.
Seems a little expensive without any head work IMO.
Seems a little expensive without any head work IMO.
I agree a good Stang shop can have that rear end out in no time and the new one slapped in! Was the ring and pinion already installed in the housing? If you said "They installed a New Set of Aluminum Heads too!" I'd say good deal! someone suggested 20 hrs of labor for that work? If I owned a shop and it took my mechanics that long I'd be looking for new employees!! let's see
1.remove old rear and install new, 3-4hrs...
2. Subframes,1.5hrs..
3. Shorty headers and Hpipe, 2hrs..
4. MAF conversion,2hrs..
5. Upper,Lower, TB, 1.5hrs..
6. The last few things 30 min.
7. was a chip burned and included in the Tune?
Some of those estimates I was generous with, my friends at FordSpeed would be able to knock a couple more hrs off that estimate, BUT if you enjoy your car it's all good!
Look at my Sig, that rebuild wasn't cheap, if you wanna play you gotta pay!! haha!! Good Luck!:bigthumbsup
Yes you got screwed. You bought an expensive paper weight :gringreen
Any good input

No head work and maybe it wont be that much it was an
estimate under worst scenario he said. But someone please tell me I am off to a good start the rest of the work I will be doing myself besides heads and cam. I will have access to the base which has an all out autocenter with every tool imaginable as well as manuals. Please someone tell me I am starting with the right stuff. I did a ton of research on the parts and weak areas on a stang. I know heads and cam are a need but I prefered the car be ready for power before throwing it at it.
ya i think that you have a good base started but you should really do heads and cam before the nitrous IMO
Thank you for the input...

I was considering that as well edelbrock performer heads or tfs twisted wedge coupled with b or e motorsport cam then nitrous what you think?
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