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Hi all
Can anyone help me please.

I think I have too much play in my diff. - need to know if I need to renovate it or if this is normal.

Please see these videos;
The other rear wheel is on the ground and I am sure I'd have had it in 'Park' when I took it - Is this excessive ..
The noise it makes sounds really weird to me although when on the move it can't be heard.. what do you think
CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO; Mustang 1965 Differential Play - Part 1 - YouTube

This video from the propshaft side of the diff - handbrake is on (the noise I believe is from the backlash from the diff but the 'tinny' 'tinking' noise you can hear is there because the original tinny hubcaps are on which amplify the sound in a wierd way!..
CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO;Mustang 1965 Differential Play - Part 2 - YouTube

Looking through the oil filler I can see the large gear inside move pretty much straight away when turning the propshaft.. so is it possible that the splines on the ends of the driveshafts that go to the wheels are worn????????

It's pretty quiet running, whines a bit maybe around 45mph

Also, if i do need to do some work, can anyone give me a definitive ID on my diff please
It is on a Mustang 1965 200ci
Axle is 4 stud
Car data plate shows:
Axle: 2 2.83:1, Conventional
Trans: F C4 Automatic (Canada)

Here are some pics

THANK YOU for your time
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