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Discussion/Debate about technical topic: 351w Intake Manifold

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whats the best bang for your buck on the 351w intakes?

ive got a edelbrock performer (feels about like stock) i doubt any HP gain

Gettin aluminum heads, and pulling motor and trans all at the same time
i got a aluminum driveshaft for free a WHILE back, and ima put that on while im at it

Thought ild get a new intake, since im putting on heads/cam/carb on with the new driveshaft, new t5, new clutch, new shifter, new flywheel, harland sharp 1.6 stud mount, and of course the obvious all new gaskets and new arp bolts

went ahead and put an extra 20ish hours in this week
got the billet flywheel, and b&m ripper shifter, and RAM clutch
thought ild go ahead and get the flywheel thats suppose to be on there and its runnin a king cobra clutch now.. and ive never seen a good wear pattern on them. probably because i didnt break in the last two i had :nono:

Just tryin to get some advise, hows the b&m, what intake is the best bang for your $$, and ... any other advise i guess... ill get back to you guys with some 1/8th mile times
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If your talking about the B&M shifter i think that they are real good shifters, also with the intake i gathered that you are running a carb if so i have seen/felt great difference with the edlebrock air gap intake that is the best carb intake IMO.
yea its a carb

so youve used the RPM?
what else have you seen?

im running the performer 351w intake, the one that just sits there.. no gap
I'd suggest the Edelbrock RPM Air Gap. I've used that before and it makes more power than the regular Performer. The Performer is meant as an upgrade from a stock low rise intake.

and why does it say moved? i originally posted in the tech section
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