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Does it get any better? Ricer story!

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holy crap thats funny as hell i wish i was around just to see those punks get blasted by the olds that would be sick. i have about 3 kids on my street like that just got their license and already ruining crappy old civics one of them isnt a total idiot atleast he has some knowlegde and hes beasting a old 300zx but still it sounds so damn ricey and it woke me up a 6 am so i came down in the stang and did a nice rev which shut him up. I cant wait till i can put some flowmasters on that thing. but that will come later
Civics aren't horrible cars. Until the wrong people get ahold of them. They are commuter cars, not sports cars, not muscle cars, not racing cars. It just pisses me off to see that happen.
Help!! I'm ROFL and I can't get up! :grinroll:
The funny part is I drive where he was talking about everyday. I used to smoke all the rich guys in their C5 corvettes there :D
:rollgrin: boy sounds like over here is sothern colorado much to closely... sad really, but glad someone finally got wat they wanted all along... good story!:worship
He lives next door and you don't have ONE picture?! Common, dude!
I call BS on this one. The is no way a 442 could hang with an Acura, especially if he has a wing and a stick on R. :winks
At least the kid across my street has better taste in cars -- a '69 Camaro which he's modded himself. Pretty sweet-sounding, and he has the decency not to rev it up after 10pm!
unless he had both 442 stickers, AND a wing... thats good for another 95 horse or something... and if he had fuzzy dice... OOOOOooohh! another dropon mod of 50!
Lets not forget that the story mentions that both of the 'tards were wearing the caps BACKWARDS! We must remember that this decreases arial drag and improves your car's stability at super-sonic speeds.
Yo dawg afta readin dis shat i went up to ma local car stpre wit da hommies and we gots me da biggest and baddest type R and V-tech stickers we could find. Yo ma Stang is lookin so fly now, all i need is some NAS and ma pic nic er uh spoiler is coming in da mail next week, once dis shat is hooked up no one will touch me yo. If anyone needs help wit der rides i can fuxin hook ya up dude!

Seriously tho ROFL!!!!!!!

that was great man

I liked the part where he was pretty much pushing the Acura down the freeway! That kid was probably unloading in his pants right then. :grinroll: Priceless.
Man i hate RICER'S that's gay my car is with out any cheap ass body kit and spoiler anybody who put's that is gay your making your car look gayer weigh more and run gay so w.e im staying cool with my **** and that story was alright funny too :cool:
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