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Does the diff have full synthetic fluid from the factory?

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I am flipping my car over to full synthetics. I recall seeing a post that said the diff comes from the factory with synthetic in it, is this so? What about the manual tranny's, am I correct in thinking that is conventional fluid? Thanks for the input:wavey .
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My guess, if I can remember, was that the car comes with conventional oil from the factory. I'd be surprised if there was synthetic oil in the differnential.
there may be a metal tag on the diff that states "use synthetic only" I had a '97 Explorer that said that from the factory
Not to mention that most rear ends in 4x4's and performance cars come with an additive that must be added when you change out the diff oil, it can be bought at the dealership, cost about 6 bucks.

my diff cover says synthetic only on it, so thats one less item to fill!!
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