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Does using an expensive oil make a difference ?

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Does it matter what type of oil you fill the engine with, honestly?

Should I spend the money to get the high pricey stuff or go with the baseline? Synthetic or not?
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I work out of state a lot, and travel back and forth.

There's a van shuttle service that runs from the airport
to my home area, about 150 mi one way. While on one job,
I ended up riding with the same guy much of the time.

Of course, they keep their conversion vans spotless
and in mint condition, but they do put on tons of miles.

I thought the one I was riding in was pretty new, but
the owner said it was (I forget exactly, but) several
years older than I would have guessed.

He swore up and down that he was over 450,000 miles
on his Ford which had never "had the valve covers off",
although he admitted it was getting "tired."
Of course, they're all highway miles and are never
abused, but all the dozen plus van owners in that
service (besides all using Fords :)) religiously convert
ALL their fluids to synthetic just after break-in.

However, I used to own a small over the road truck
co, and we used Shell Rotella. Our rigs were worked
hard but well maintained. They all went around 650,000
pulling mostly 80,000 lbs at well over 80 mph. However,
that was before synthetics were widely available for
big rigs. Now, many fleets use synthetics in all
compartments, incl differentials and transmissions,
and they do this for the extra service life they get
out of them. Those are EXPENSIVE setups to
replace, so they try to make them last as long
as possible. They also get up to 10% better fuel
economy with synthetic, and at ~5mpg and todays
prices, it pays them back in a hurry.

I've had one 5.0 that I ran a lot of high speed long
road trips plus not babying it around home that
was still running good at 225,000 (I bought it
and switched to Mob 1 at 105,000).

I can't afford frequent rebuilds, or new vehicles,
so use Mob 1. I'm very happy with the results.
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