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Doesn't run with CAI

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I recently (today) put a BBK cold air intake on my 2010 V6 4.0 mustang. Everything connected fine, no problems with installation, but the second the car hits 1500rpm, it stalls and dies. I can't hear any vacuum leaks but I haven't looked yet. It's very consistently at 1500 which makes me doubt a vacuum leak. No check engine light or service light. Any ideas?
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Some aftermarket CAI kits require a custom tune in order to run properly. If yours doesn’t, then I suspect you have unmetered air entering the system. When this happens, your MAF can’t send accurate information to the PCM and your calibration is ineffective. Please investigate these possibilities, and if all else fails, you should return the car to stock, and get a refund IMHO.
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Yep, most likely that intake requires a tune. The information that came with the intake should tell you about that.

This is basically because the intake tube is bigger than stock, and because of that, there is more air coming in than the EFI computer thinks is coming in. The tune corrects that so it works correctly.
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If you use an CAI without a tune you are asking the system to take in more air than the ECU expects and it will freak out. Best case is that you get engine rev issues. Worse case is that you run the engine lean, overheat and it's time to invest in making more money.
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