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DOHC intake manifold on SOHC? possible?

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Still looking for a roots or twin screw supercharger I came up with the idea of puting a complete Cobra Intake manifold with stock blower onto my 2000 GT SOHC. They normaly go for pretty cheap money on ebay.
Since I was never a lucky guy who had the chance to compare a cobra intake (dimension wise) to a GT intake, I am wondering how much machining would be required to accomplish this task.
Has anybody ever done/tried that?
What mods, welding, millig, etc. was necesary?

Any input is appreciated
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I guess you are both right guys,

It just does not make a lot of sense to do all the work to convert something and make it a half a$$ solution, if you just can buy a well functionning kit.
The second thing would be even more of a pain in the a$$ - finding out the exact location, pattern of the ports, injector location, shape and size.......

Iguess I am just going to look for a cobra or a SC kit next year.
Thanks anyways
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