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You're not seeing things. This is, in fact, a T-Top-equipped 2005 Ford GT. And you can buy it.

When Ford was racing the GT40, back in the 1960s, they build some strange special versions. Not just the roadster versions, but an even more unusual car that had just a tiny windscreen and a strange flat short nose. That car was a success on the track. The X1 actually won the 12 hours of Sebring in 1966. Rumour has it, though, that the car was shoved unceremoniously in a hole afterwards.

So when the 2005 GT came to be, honoring the 1960s racer, it made sense that there would be some strange special editions then, too. Only a fully open top wasn't possible. But a T-Top was.

This Ford GTX1 was built by the Genaddi Design Group, in Green Bay Wisconsin. It's said to have the blessing of Ford, and the company built 30 of the T-Top cars to OEM standards.

Of the 30 GTX1s, this is said to be the only one in the black and gold color scheme. What we'd call the Bandit paint job were this a Trans AM. And that color palette extends well inside the car, with the interior matching the exterior.

This GT has some other upgrades, too. Like a big trunk.

Ok, there are some real upgrades too. Like a Whipple supercharger, upgraded exhaust, new wheels, and adjustable coilovers.

It's also been signed by some of the biggest names in Ford racing. Like Carroll Shelby, Roger Penske, Henry Ford III, Edsel Ford, Dan Gurney, and Mario and Michael Andretti.

And if you want this in your collection, it's coming to Mecum's Monterey Auction at the end of next month.




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